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The Power of Mediation in Divorce

Unfortunately not all marriages end with a happy ending, some end in divorce. One way to go through the divorce process in a cooperative way is through Mediation.

Mediation is a process in which the two parties try to negotiate terms through a third party, also known as the mediator. The mediator guides and helps the two spouses communicate with one another to find common ground and reach a resolution.

Mediation allows you to settle your divorce in a civil manner and gives you a feeling of control over the decisions that are made; as you will have input on the decisions ultimately made and the process by which they were made.

It is recommended the mediator that you and your ex-spouse choose is a professional in the field of family law. It is not mandatory but recommended that you attend mediation with lawyer. If you choose not to attend mediation with a lawyer then you should still have a lawyer review any agreement that you reach before it is signed. This will ensure that the document reflects your wishes/understanding and is turned into a legally binding agreement or court order.

Mediation is usually less expansive and quicker than the court process. It allows the parties to make decisions for themselves rather than have a judge make decisions for them.

After going through mediation many people feel like they have closure.

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