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Family Responsibility Office

We Worked at FRO, So We Know How To Use It To Enforce Your Rights

While a lot of people willingly meet their obligations to their children and former spouse, the job of Ontario’s Family Responsibility Office (“FRO”) is to ensure that spouses receive the support payments that they and their children have been given by court order, or provided for by agreement.

Generally, we recommend using FRO as a “gatekeeper” to ensure that support payments are made on time and in full.

If payments are not made, FRO has numerous tools to help it enforce support including garnisheeing the wages of the person in default, suspending a driver’s license, revoking passports, and collecting back payments that have not been made.

We have special insight into the intricacies of how FRO works, and how to ensure that the law protects you: Rachel Radley spent nine years working at FRO. She helped draft the law that gives FRO its powers and she uses her experience to obtain the money owed to you. She and our other lawyers will help you navigate the forms and the system.

Making certain that you receive the money a court has directed you be paid is part of our job because family is important to you and me.

Because Family is Important to You and Me

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