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Unequal Division of Net Family Property

When couples separate, one of the most acrimonious issues they are often forced to face is how to divide their assets and debts, which may include their home, vehicles, bank accounts, jewellery, pensions, line of credits, credit card debts, and…

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Family Lawyer – Case Management

Resolving family law matters via our judicial system can be very costly and stressful. Paying court fees, any costs awarded, and legal fees can put a large financial strain on anyone seeking to resolve their separation and divorce issues through…

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What a Family Lawyer Is – Definition

Have you ever wondered who will you look up if you got into trouble? It is obvious that you will hire a Lawyer, but the question is do you wish to go through all of the problems and issues which…

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In What Situations Can a Family Lawyer Help?

What Situations Can a Family Lawyer Help? It is obvious that people do not feel comfortable sharing their personal information with strangers. This is where the need of Family Lawyers arises. People require honest and credible Lawyers who will be…

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The Power of Mediation in Divorce

Unfortunately not all marriages end with a happy ending, some end in divorce. One way to go through the divorce process in a cooperative way is through Mediation. Mediation is a process in which the two parties try to negotiate…

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