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How Has Technology Affected the Divorce Proceeding

Divorce in our Modern Age: How Has Technology Affected the Divorce Proceeding? Technology is becoming an ever important element to family law proceedings. We have seen a huge increase in the amount of evidence collected from texting, email and other…

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Divorce and Psychological Issues

What To Do When One Spouse In A Divorce Develops Serious Psychological Issues? Two tragedies in December, 2014 drove home the point that sometimes a spouse or ex-spouse develops serious psychological issues that affect the safety and well-being of an…

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Minimizing The Effects Of Divorce On Children

Minimizing the effects of divorce on children is vital for parents who have decided to separate. The dissolution of a marriage can be painful, but the comfort and protection of your child take precedence overall. What some parents forget is…

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Family Law In Ontario

Let’s start by putting a common misconception to rest; family law in Ontario is not solely based on the basic issues involved with divorce and child custody. Family law in Ontario is practiced as a means of protection for you…

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