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Children in Family Law Proceedings

A look at all of the various pieces that make up family law legislation will quickly reveal that one of the most significant undertones is the protection of children. This becomes even more apparent with a look at the jurisprudence.…

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Sale of real property

When two parties separate, there are often questions about what happens to their home. More often than not, the home is the parties’ largest asset, and the asset with the most emotional attachment. As such, one of the most frequently…

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Common Law Relationships

Your marital status has some wide-reaching implications that many people often don’t consider when entering into a new relationship. Some of the major implications come in the form of financial consequences. For example, whether you are considered “common-law” or not…

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Spousal Support Entitlement – a Threshold Issue

Spousal support is a tricky issue in family law. Far too often, the lower income earning party is under the misapprehension that he or she is automatically entitled to receive spousal support after a spousal relationship ends. However, that is…

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Life Insurance a Vehicle for Securing Support

As a result of a divorce or separation, many parents and former spouses must make support payments. A common question that arises for divorcing or separating spouses is, what happens if the payor parent dies prior to the time when…

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