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Office of the Children’s Lawyer: What They Do and How They Can Help If you are in the midst of a custody or access dispute, you may have heard of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, or the “OCL”. The OCL is a government body that has the power to investigate, report, and make recommendations to the court on matters concerning custody of or access to a child. How Does the OCL Get Involved? The OCL will only get involved in matters that are before the court. If litigation has commenced and one o[…] Read more»
Decoding the Custody and Access Lexicon What Does it all Mean? Have you ever found yourself scratching your head at the various custody and access terms and phrases? There are so many similar words and phrases; it can often be confusing to those unfamiliar with the terminology. This post will attempt to define those terms and hopefully demystify the legal jargon relating to custody and access. When you understand what it all means, you can better advocate for yourself and you[…] Read more»
How Recent Amendments Have Changed the Division of Pensions in Ontario

Pension Division

In 2012, the Ontario Government amended the Pension Benefits Act and the Family Law Act with regard to the division of pension assets on the breakdown of a spousal relationship. Prior to these amendments, dividing a pension could be complicated and in certain circumstances, could result in a huge equalization payment being owed without the ability to divide the pension to satisfy that equalization payment (in other words, the spo[…] Read more»
What is a Financial Statement? Financial Statements: What are they and why are they so important? One of the biggest headaches in family law litigation can be when a party fails to make full and timely financial disclosure. This can significantly delay the proceedings and is extremely frustrating for the other party. There are also serious consequences that can result when a party fails to provide their financial disclosure in a timely manner, including gettin[…] Read more»
The 40% Rule: How Times Spent With Your Children Can Affect Child Support What happens when your children spend approximately equal time with each parent? A common misconception is that no child support will be paid. While this may be true in some cases, the analysis is much more complicated. If each parent has the children at least 40% of the time, the Child Support Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) consider this “shared custody” and state that the amount of support paid may be different than the Table […] Read more»


Because Family is Important to You and Me

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