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Rachel Radley is a family lawyer specializing in divorce, child support, spousal support, custody and access, child protection and other family issues and disputes. With many years of experience in all aspects of family law and divorce cases, Rachel is a former FRO lawyer experienced in crafting a settlement agreement that is fair, responsible and enforceable.

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Radley Family Law - divorce and separation lawyers

Family lawyer, Rachel Radley and her team of divorce and family lawyers work exclusively in the area of divorce, separation, and family law. We serve Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Vaughan, Markham, North York, Thornhill, Aurora, Maple, Unionville and within the Greater Toronto.

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The end of a marriage or common -law relationship is one of the most stressful life events any of us is likely to deal with.

We understand what you are going through. In my nearly 14 years as a family law lawyer, including the time I worked at Ontario's Family Responsibility Office (FRO), I have seen people cope with emotions ranging from anger, betrayal and disillusionment to frustration and hurt.

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Reducing the cost of your divorce

Not only can a divorce be painful, it can be expensive. But there are ways to reduce the cost of your separation and divorce. We've prepared a quick reference guide to help you minimize what ending your marriage or common-law relationship will cost.

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Family Law Services

Separation and Divorce

A divorce decree granted by a court is the last step in the process of ending your divorce. In Ontario, a couple can divorce if they have been separated for one...

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Child Custody And Access

Access to both parents is the right of your children under the law. How parents adjust and cope with a separation or divorce will have an impact on how your ...

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Spousal and Child Support

We help ensure that you are protected financially, and that your children receive the money they need to grow and flourish...

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Separation Agreements

Deciding to end a marriage or relationship is almost always painful. People are coping with emotions ranging from anger, betrayal and disillusionment to frustra...

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Property Division and Asset Splits

After deciding on the care and support of children, dividing property and assets can be one of the most painful and tension-filled steps in ending a marriage...

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Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, only a divorce order and certificate are sought from a court. The couple has settled all of the issues of child or spousal support be...

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Family Responsibility Office (FRO)

While a lot of people willingly meet their obligations to their children and former spouse, the job of Ontario’s Family Responsibility Office (“FRO”) i...

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Restraining Orders

Fortunately, it does not happen often. Unfortunately, there are times when a restraining order is needed to protect you and your children from the often irra...

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Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements

Sometimes called a “pre-nup,” it is often disparaged because some people say it coldly takes the romance out of a pending marriage and assumes the couple wi...

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Alternatives to Court

Avoiding The Cost And Trauma Of A Divorce Trial

Proceeding to trial is expensive and it is hard on the entire family: spouses, children, and even f...

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A Divorce Decree

A divorce decree granted by a court is the last step in the process of ending your divorce. In Ontario, a couple can divorce if they have been separated for ...

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Meet the Team

Rachel Radley

Barrister and Solicitor

Phone: 905-770-2109 ext. 101
Email: Rachel.Radley@RadleyLaw.ca

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Kamla O. Lewis

Barrister and Solicitor

Phone: 905-770-2109 ext. 108
Email: Kamla.O.Lewis@radleylaw.ca

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Kelsey Whitney

Office Manager & Law Clerk

Phone: 905-770-2109 ext. 102
Email: Kelsey.Whitney@radleylaw.ca

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Mariya Savova

Law Clerk

Phone: 905-770-2109 ext. 105
Email: Mariya.Savova@Radleylaw.ca

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  • Testimonials

    I want to say thank you to you both for all your assistance over the 10 months. You both have been truly amazing and very helpful, my divorce case was looked after in a timely and professional manner. The service provided was outstanding. You both always took the time to answer my questions and explain everything to me clearly. From the first time I came to your office to retain your services and throughout the case I know I was in good hands, I was guided properly. Rachel, you are dedicated, knowledgeable, honest and provided great advice and you are well known and respected in the Newmarket court. I went thru a very stressful and difficult time in my life but it was made easier by your firm. The firm has good and caring people. Whenever I called to speak to either of you and you were not available, your staff was glad and willing to assist. I had complete confidence in your firm and I was represented properly. I was shocked in the end of all of this, I am standing where I am today, happy with a peace of mind, your firm made it possible, thanks to your firm for resolving it. I appreciate all your help for the past year, I am grateful to you and your entire team. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone going thru a divorce. Thank you for your patience, kindness and advice. Z.O.


  • Testimonials

    When my husband and I separated, it was THE hardest, most painful part of my life. My life was shattered and I needed a lawyer who was both compassionate and understanding of my feelings. I found Rachel searching lawyers in my district. From my initial consultation to the bitter end, Rachel has been outstanding throughout my Seperation.  There were times when I felt defeated by my husband and Rachel knew exactly how to proceed so that in the end, I would win. Her solid advice was always taken and with absolutely no regrets. Her team, Kelsey in particular as she was the one who heard me out, listened to me in times when I was in tears, so compassionately, so calmly, is an example of what all family law lawyers should follow. Yes there were times when I questioned Rachel's advice, but in the end I realized she knew exactly what she was doing. The end result of my seperation was even better than what I had expected!  Settling on an amount less than what I had originally offered?  That's experience at its best right there. I would not hesitate to contact Rachel and her amazing team in the future nor would I hesitate to refer her to my friends and family. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for easing the pain and heartache of ending my marriage. I wish you a lifetime of success!


  • Testimonials

    I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for all your assistance and guidance through one of the most upsetting, difficult times of my life. Knowing yourself, Kelsey, and your team where there for me made the world of difference. I didn't need to worry as I had complete confidence in your firm and knew I was being represented properly, and my best interests were always the top priority. No one ever wants or plans to need a family law lawyer, no offence, but at the end of the day life happens. I would recommend your firm to others who find themselves in the same unfortunate situation.


  • Testimonials

    As a client, I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have found Rachel Radley, and her amazing team at RadleyLaw. They have provided endless guidance, support, and a clear path in what has been a very chaotic case. Rachel always takes the time to answer my questions, and explain the legal "stuff" in a way that I can understand. From our first meeting, she has been honest, upfront, and is not afraid to have the difficult conversations. She always has the best interests of my children as her top priority, and has worked tirelessly to ensure their well being remains paramount.I have attended court with Rachel on numerous occasions and it is very clear that she is well respected in the community. Her experience, and ability to accurately predict and prepare for the next step has allowed me to trust in this process and focus my energy on raising my children while we navigate the world of Family Court.<br> There really are no words to convey how grateful I am to Rachel and her entire team. They are professional, but more importantly, they are good, solid people, which I believe is the foundation of a good law firm.


  • Testimonials

    “Rachel Radley is truly an example of excellence. Going through a divorce turned my life upside down but with Rachel’s professionalism, knowledge, experience in family law, empathic nature and honesty helped me get through this difficult time. She provided ongoing support and did not limit her time to office hours. No matter what questions or concerns I had, I was able to contact her and she would take the time to explain in detail. She was always understanding and helpful. Rachel was dedicated in putting the needs of my child and me first and ensures our safety and well-being. Her negotiating during my divorce settlement always remained reasonable, fair and compromising. My divorce was settled in a timely fashion outside of the courtroom. I feel that she really has my and my child’s best interests at heart and she is someone I trust and admire. I have and will continue to be grateful and appreciative to Rachel and her team for all their professional and moral support and would not hesitate to call in the future if needed. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you again for everything you’ve done.”


  • Testimonials

    I have worked over the last number of years with Rachel Radley when she was a lawyer for the Family Responsibility Office. She was dedicated, caring, concerned and knowledgeable. She was not afraid to ask the hard questions and to make sure that she got the answers; and she was dedicated to the welfare of the people she represented. She is a pleasure to deal with professionally and it is important that a lawyer have the ability to deal with other lawyers to get matters resolved. She is excellent at doing that.

    Judith Holzman

  • Testimonials

    Ms. Radley has established a reputation for excellence in dealing with the York Region bar in her role as counsel for the Family Responsibility Office, approaching her cases in a fair and practical manner. I have no doubt she will continue this approach in her private practice and look forward to dealing with her in family law matters. She is a welcome addition.

    Valerie L. Brown

  • Testimonials

    I have known Rachel Radley as a professional colleague for approximately 10 years. I have always enjoyed working with Rachel. She is consistently prepared and advocates strongly and reasonably for her clients. It is always a pleasure having a file with Rachel. She is knowledgeable, respectful, courteous, and a very capable negotiator. I am delighted that Rachel is now engaging in private practice in the area of Family Law in York Region, and I look forward to working with her on mutual files in the future.

    Barbara Steinberg

  • Testimonials

    Thank you once again for your due diligence in litigating my  affairs. You have brought peace of mind and renewed hope for both my family and I as I continue to do my best to provide for them.


How long will it take to get my divorce?

Under Ontario law, a couple must live "separate and apart" for one year before a court will grant a divorce. There are two narrow exceptions to this rule: If one spouse can prove to a judge's satisfaction that the other was unfaithful, or if it can be proved that a spouse inflicted physical harm or mental cruelty on their partner or the children, a divorce may be granted in less than one year.

How much will my divorce cost?

We know that a divorce can be expensive. We have lawyers who charge different rates so we always strive to keep your cost low. Also, there are alternatives to court such as a mediated or arbitrated divorce, which cost less. If the divorce is contested, your cost will vary depending on how long it takes to reach an agreement with your spouse and whether we end up in court.

How much access to my children must I give my spouse?

An overriding concern of the court is that the "best interests of the children" are taken into account during a divorce, and that it is generally important for the children to spend time with each of their parents. In practical terms, this means that children are entitled to have as much contact as possible with each parent, provided doing so is in the child's best interest.

How do I get sole custody of my children?

A court starts by assuming there will be joint custody and deviates from this position in limited circumstance. When this happens, usually it is because the Courts feel it is in the best interest of the children for one parent to have sole custody.

How do I determine my separation date?

There are several ways. One is a sworn affidavit in which you affirm under oath the date on which you and your spouse began living separate lives – even if both spouses remain in the matrimonial home. Evidence of a separation date can be the opening your own bank account, obtaining your own credit cards or filing income taxes separated. If you moved out of the matrimonial home, the date of a lease on a new residence can help establish the date as well.


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