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Family and Divorce Lawyers

Because Family is Important to You and Me

Radley Family Law is a leading Ontario family law firm with expertise in a wide variety of family disputes and legal issues, including divorce, spousal support, and child custody, access, and protection.

The firm is led by Rachel Radley, a noted Vaughan family lawyer and former attorney at Ontario’s Family Responsibility Office (FRO). Through her years of experience, Rachel has developed a reputation for developing fair, reasonable, and enforceable settlement agreements.

Based in Vaughan, our team of experienced family lawyers has provided service to hundreds of clients across Ontario, including in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Maple, Newmarket, Woodbridge, Concord, Brampton, Markham, and York Region. Each family lawyer at our firm aims to treat their clients with dignity and professionalism during this difficult period in their lives, and to help them emerge from the legal process with a new lease on life.

At Radley Family Law, we understand that no two relationships are alike, and that each of our clients will face unique challenges. It is our job to help you assess your legal options and ensure you fully comprehend your best path forward.

Compassionate family law services

Over the course of an average life, there are few experiences more devastating than divorce. Outside of the loss of a close family member, divorce is often among the most stressful and emotionally exhausting events a person can endure.

Each Radley family lawyer endeavors to understand this, and to provide compassionate, caring service to the people who need it. We have helped hundreds of families like yours navigate the complex requirements of Ontario’s family court system.

Focus on child welfare

Real-life family law doesn’t look like it does on TV. The Canadian family court system is not designed to punish spouses for bad behaviour. Rather, it is concerned with the best interests of the child, support, and the fair and equal division -assets. The court system, with the help of a family lawyer, aims to establish a resolution that gives both parties a fair chance at a better life.

The services of a qualified family lawyer are particularly crucial when children are involved. Our team treats children’s wellbeing as an essential priority, and will work tirelessly to ensure -that the best interests of your children come first.

Manageable legal fees

The divorce process can be very expensive. At Radley Family Law, it is our aim to mitigate this expense as much as possible.

For instance, we offer uncontested divorce services for a flat fee of $499. By helping you and your spouse avoid unnecessary conflict, we can improve your chances of a experiencing a smooth, affordable divorce process.

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Ending a marriage is a difficult, life-changing experience. It marks the end of what was once a hopeful union. However, with the help of friends, family, and an experienced, compassionate family lawyer, divorcees have a chance at starting a new, happier life. At Radley Family Law, our years of experience have helped us to understand the emotional pain that the divorce process can bring. Whether you are working out where the kids will live or how to divide your possessions, it is our job to represent your best interests in a caring, empathetic way.

How long will it take to get my divorce?

Under Ontario law, a couple must live “separate and apart” for one year before a court will grant a divorce. There are two narrow exceptions to this rule: If one spouse can prove to a judge’s satisfaction that the other was unfaithful, or if it can be proved that a spouse inflicted physical harm or mental cruelty on their partner or the children, a divorce may be granted in less than one year.

How much will my divorce cost?

We know that a divorce can be expensive. We have lawyers who charge different rates so we always strive to keep your cost low. Also, there are alternatives to court such as a mediated or arbitrated divorce, which cost less. If the divorce is contested, your cost will vary depending on how long it takes to reach an agreement with your spouse and whether we end up in court.

How much access to my children must I give my spouse?

An overriding concern of the court is that the “best interests of the children” are taken into account during a divorce, and that it is generally important for the children to spend time with each of their parents. In practical terms, this means that children are entitled to have as much contact as possible with each parent, provided doing so is in the child’s best interest.

How do I get sole custody of my children?

A court starts by assuming there will be joint custody and deviates from this position in limited circumstance. When this happens, usually it is because the Courts feel it is in the best interest of the children for one parent to have sole custody.

How do I determine my separation date?

There are several ways. One is a sworn affidavit in which you affirm under oath the date on which you and your spouse began living separate lives – even if both spouses remain in the matrimonial home. Evidence of a separation date can be the opening your own bank account, obtaining your own credit cards or filing income taxes separated. If you moved out of the matrimonial home, the date of a lease on a new residence can help establish the date as well.

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